Non 12 Step Rehab Program

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The United States of America has a huge drug abuse problem and spends nearly $600 billion to deal with its effects. Because of the dangers of drug abuse, people have been looking for effective treatments. So when it comes to the solution to drug addiction, there are two choices: the traditional 12 step program or the non-traditional program. The 12 step program may be more popular but that doesn’t mean that it is more effective. The main difference between the two programs is their approach to drug abuse and their solution.

According to 12 step programs drug dependence is the main problem and it suggests that you leave it all to a Higher Power, thus accepting that it is not in your hands to get better but His. The non-traditional way believes that there is an underlying problem to the drug abuse that needs to be addressed, there is some other problem that caused the patient to abuse drugs, and the way to do that is by empowering the patient. Motivating the addict to make their own choices, believe that they can do it and overcome it.

The traditional program is a rigid 12 step plan which is expected to work on every patient. It is implemented on groups of people, regardless of what sort of addiction they have and what their circumstances are. If the patient doesn’t improve, he is blamed instead of the system. This further discourages and demotivates the patient. Someone who has come to face and overcome such a big obstacle in their life is told that they aren’t trying hard enough. Patients are also told that addiction is never completely healed and that their best hope is to suppress and control it, and the way to do that attends meetings regularly. This only discourages people and pushes them away from rehab.

The non-traditional program is that it is tailored according to the patient’s needs. The plans are flexible and paced in a way that the patient can follow. If there aren’t any improvements then different approaches are taken till one works. There isn’t one program that everyone can participate in as that completely ignores the strengths and weaknesses of each patient, hence making rehab ineffective.

Most of these centers are residential and keep patients for around three months. They detoxify patients; provide therapy and other facilities to help with the treatment. It is an evidence-based treatment which means that they use latest research and technology to help heal addiction in the most effective way possible. They don’t only help treat the physical effects of drug addiction but also the psychological ones. So, while the traditional 12 step program is more popular, it is recommended that you try the non-traditional one for a better shot at sobriety.


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