Sober Living Homes

Sober Living Homes Feb 20, 2016 No Comments

When a person starts developing a dependence on alcohol and drugs it starts harming them physically and psychologically. There are not only medical health risks of addiction but also social risks as abusers turn to criminal and anti-social behavior. Addicts seeking treatments are sent to rehab centers.

Such places have strict schedules to make sure that the abuser stays sober and help with his withdrawal symptoms. This usually only happens in extreme cases. People who have already gone through a rehab and don’t want to relapse, or those who don’t have that serious a problem but would still like help for their addiction, usually go to a sober home. Sober living homes are group homes to help to recover addicts get used to a normal sober life. It’s a good way to transition from rehab to independent living. Since they will be surrounded by other recovering abusers who are staying sober it will also give the abuser the motivation and prevent him from relapsing.

Sober homes have a few rules. The residents must help around with the home chores. They will have to go through random and surprise alcohol and drug tests to ensure that they are still sober. Sober homes have curfews which must be followed, that means that they must be home before a certain time. But before curfew, they must go to work, school or attend some sort of outpatient activity. There is a mandatory attendance for meetings and therapies for programs such as the 12 step program. Violence and fighting are strictly prohibited.

Usually, there is no restriction on the sort of people who can stay at a sober home. New recovery patients, as well as people who have already been through rehab, can join. Sober homes are thought to be more effective for people who have already gone through rehab, but it is not compulsory. The only main rule is to stay sober 24/7.

There is no rule as to how long you are allowed to stay at a sober home as it is open for everyone and no one is forced to stay, so you are free to walk out whenever you want.. There is also no time period specified for its effectiveness. Some people need to stay there longer before they can live independently, others manage the transition quickly. You should stay till you are honestly sure that you can abstain from drugs and alcohol, and that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without falling back into abuse.

There are sober homes all over the USA, and the price depends on which city they are in. Usually, the price ranges from $450 to $750. The more facilities that are offered, like therapists and doctors, the higher the price is. There are also luxury sober homes, which are much more expensive but cater to the patient’s standard of living.

So if you are your loved one is suffering from substance abuse make sure that you make arrangements for staying in a rehab centre or a sober home. Joining 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous is also very helpful and are usually a part of the treatment at sober homes.


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