Prescribed Pain – Xanax Drug Abuse

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Even innocent prescriptions may cause shackling addiction. Xanax is a potent benzodiazepine drug with an intoxicating effect, and may cause addiction to long-term users. It is one of the most common drugs of its kind and requires patients to consume exactly as prescribed, to avoid use turning into abuse.


Like most benzodiazepines, Xanax may become addictive when used long-term or in large quantities. The potent sedative and anti-anxiety drug are usually used to treat panic attacks, different phobias, and anxiety. Due to their calming, drowsy effect, substance abusers may seek the drug illegally, in addition to prescription abuse.


Potential Problems with Xanax Prescriptions


Xanax may be beneficial on a short-term basis if taken as subscribed. However, long-term users may develop a chemical dependency to the substance. Adverse effects may occur when used frequently and in large quantitates. Also, withdrawal symptoms include significant seizures causing harm and physical injury, and long-term users should be aware of this potential risk.


The Drug Awareness Warning Network have found that between 2004 and 2010, emergency room visits, due to the effects of Xanax, increased from 46,000 to nearly 125,000. Out of these, 96,000 had mixed one or more drugs, such as alcohol or cocaine.


Xanax abuse causes problems with cognitive skills and induces confusion and disorientation. Users may also experience psychosis, aggressive or impulsive behavior, and memory impairment. Some of the more serious threats may be respiratory depression and even coma.


Though Xanax abusers may not show any visible signs of being intoxicated, other symptoms may indicate addiction. These include tremors, vomiting, dizziness, and drowsiness.


In time, the body grows accustomed to the drug, continuously requiring a larger dose. Addicts can build up an enormous, and dangerous, tolerance for the drug. A Xanax overdose is more likely to happen, when combined with alcohol. Therefore, Xanax abuse is potentially fatal.


Heal from the Pain of Addiction


Abusers may experience difficulty if trying to quit on their own. As the body is chemically dependent on the substance, Xanax may cause immense withdrawal symptoms the abuse is abruptly stopped. Many addicts require the medication to be gradually reduced and removed to stay safe.


Some of these symptoms include tremors, seizures, insomnia and anxiety. It is therefore of utmost importance that detoxification process is closely supervised and monitored by trained medical staff, in safe surroundings.


After removing the substance, the patient may proceed to further treatment. Both individual counseling and group treatment target the underlying issues causing the abuse, and there are several support groups available to help the addict maintain sobriety.


Whereas many users require the safety and structure of an inpatient rehabilitation center, some may need the flexibility of an outpatient center. These allow patients to spend their evenings with family or follow-up studies or work. Regardless of the chosen form of treatment, the addict should pick one that matches his or her needs, in order to sober up and start living life again.



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